Deshon Bradley


As a person who is going to teach English and literature one product that I would like to see utilized in the class room setting is the Kindle.  If teach 11th and 12th grade literature, the kindle would be a great asset to my students, and a cost effective way for the school district to save money over the years.  By having the Kindle I will be able to upload great literature that my students and I could discuss daily.  Not only that, the Kindle would in effect eliminate the carrying of 4 or 5 other books, thus saving a persons back and arms.  I believe as time continues, many school libraries will eliminate their book selection, and instead move toward the Kindle or perhaps another electronic reader.  As a person who will teach English and literature,  the Kindle is the way to go.

A good question that I have recieved deals with the DRM or digital rights management and whether the students will have to pay for that or not.  To better answer that question, one must know the options that Amazon offers for the Kindle.  Beginning January of 2010, the Amazon Kindle allows publishers the option to enable DRM or not to enable DRM.  The purpose of this allows smaller publishers or individual writers to publish their works without DRM which allows them to compete with the larger publishers.  Without DRM, a book loaded onto a Kindle can also be loaded to another Kindle like device, in other words, without DRM, multiple copies of the Ebook can be acquired, without paying for the same book over, and over.  I do not think I would have my high school students pay for the DRM, depending upon my lesson plan will determine whether DRM will be paid for or not.  For example, text books from larger publishers the DRM would be paid for, however on the other hand; if there is a piece of literature by an independent author, or other small publisher, then DRM possibly would not be paid.

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  1. Alvin Trusty says:

    Change your blog title from “Deshonbradley’s Blog” to “Deshon Bradley”

    Change your blog’s sub-title from “Just another site” to your licensure area.

    One question about the Kindle… Will the DRM on books require every student to purchase each book?

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