Rockstar Teachers of Educational Technology

The first person I want to recognize as prominent in Educational Technology is a teacher by the name of Richard Whittaker who is an Idependent School District of Boise City, Id. 

He is important in the field of educational technology because he serves as an example for all teachers both current and prospective teachers, because he uses technology in such a way that improves the quality of a students education.  An an example of this, he purchased what is called a SMART board and projector for his classroom out of his pocket and then found funding to equip the entire school with this technology.  He also sought out grants which equipped the school with microscopes and microscope video cameras which allowed students to create time-lapse videos of their work.  He also credits technology such as the Senteo system which raised students scores drastically.  Richard Whittaker is my number 1 prominent person in Educational Technology.

The second person who is prominent in Educational Technology is Cary Peterson who is the Executive Director of Information Technology, Jefferson County Public Schools, Lousiville, Ky.

He was called upon to develop a new school model and he focused on tech.  Petersen developed a concept called STEM which is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.    This system was utilized in order to  create a practical foundation for middle schools and high schools. Petersen not only included robotics in the school district, but what was also included was a instructional device upgrade which was included in the school budget in order to help with the STEM project.  Once the funding was approved, he got a device known as the Tablet to be utilized in the class setting and this proved to be a useful instructional tool.  Petersen states that the Tablet uses different chart paper to chart or graph easily and because the Tablet is a computer system the graph lines were straight and more accurate.  The Tablet software also has ink flash cards in which the teacher can run them on a timer and will flash by the speed set by teachers.  This was just one function of the Tablet but for only 300 dollars a pop they were able to put together in one device a tool which benefited teachers.

My third and final person who I see as prominent in Educational Technology is a teacher by the name of Josh Dorsey who teaches math in Maryland. 

What makes him unique is the fact that he uses conferenceing software in order to interact with his student several hundred miles away while is on vacation.  Dorsey also has used this technology even when school is canceled for the day, because he students send email request to conduct class anyway.  This is a technology that we are currently using now for our technology class because conference software allows students the ability to never miss a lecture if for instance a student has to miss school for that day.

These are my three people who I see as being prominent in utilizing Education Technology.  What makes theses individuals important is because they are teachers who have put into practice these technologies, and certainly they have given me more ideas to use for when I become a teacher.

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One Response to Rockstar Teachers of Educational Technology

  1. Alvin Trusty says:

    I think you have selected three people who have never been selected in the course before. Excellent!

    You do need to change one general thing you have been doing. Your blog post title should reflect the content of the post. For the first one, having your name was OK. It was your first post. People needed to know who you are. But it doesn’t make sense for this second post. The title should be something like “Prominent People” or “Here are my ed tech stars”. Can you edit this post’s title and change it to something that reflects the content of the post?

    You do have some typos too.

    “An an example of this”
    “hundred miles away while is on vacation”
    “because he students send email”

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