Podcasting, A Way To Expand Language Arts

To discover new technologies for English teachers has proven more difficult than I feel it would be for other teachers.  Most of the effective teaching methods which some English teacher have utilized in the past were primarily social networking sites such as listserv which enabled USA students to correspond with students from Russia as they read the same piece of literature.  What made this piece of technology unique is that the students from both countries read that book at the same time and rate thereby fusing their discussions in unison, as they discussed symbolism and the meaning of the story.

With that story in mind, I thought of another technology which may expand literature, grammer, and all aspects of language arts to students not only in my class here in Ohio, but even in cities or countries in different timezones.  The technology that is able to do this is know as podcasting, and the podcasting that I have chosen to utilize is Apple podcasting.

Apple provides three ways which I can teach my students. 1, I can use a video podcasting which means I can use the built in camera on the Mac computer to record my video, or I can import a digital still or video camera.  2, I can use audio podcasting which means I can add sound effects to my lecture. As an example, if  I am reading an important piece of Shakesphere and at a dramatic point, i can add the sounds of swords clashing or dramatic music at that point in order to help my student visualize the difficult words of Shakesphere.  3, I can use a feature called enhanced podcasting, which means I can enahnce my powerpoint presentation by adding photos at key points all in a way to enhance my students learning.

Although podcasting is a nonstream method of educating, I will also stream live at the same time I am podcasting because I feel that podcasting is the best way to teach Shakesphere.  By podcasting, my students will be able to download my lectures to their ipods because Apple provides a service called iTunes U.  I will also be able to download my podcast to my wiki, or blog so my students can enhance their learning.

All in all I feel that podcasting is a way to expand Language Arts to all students whether here or worldwide.  I will include examples of the Apple podcast. 


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