RSS Reader Benefits Teachers

The rss reader that I have chosen to use is Google Reader.  I chose this one because I had already subscribed to many of Google’s features such as blogspot, and set up a Google home page account. 

I belive that the rss reader will benefit me as a teacher because I was able to subscribe to many English sites, such as Creative Writing, and many educational news sites such as NYT-Education.  The rss reader, should allow me to keep up with the latest educational technology or even perhaps new legislation concerning the education of USA schools.  Also, by adding the news sites to my reader, it is probably reasonable to anticipate receiving news about educators in foreign countries which I may be able to utilize in my own classroom setting.  Certainly, using a rss reader, saves time from just a basic search on the internet, because, with this technology I am able to  organize my English sites, my news sites, and my technology sites all in one location which will make life a little bit more organized.

The five blogs I subscribed to are as follows: 

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