Free Techonology

My last post discussed a useful technology know as podcasting, this week I will further discuss more technology which is not only useful for students, but also free for students.  The free technology that any student can access is from Apple and it is known as iTunes U.

This technology allows students free access to over 350,000 lectures and other features from all over the world.  The only drawback is you need to have a iTunes U compatible device such as an iPod, iPad, or iPhone.  Although a person will need an external device, the application is free, and since most high school students have an iPod, then it can be said that this technology is free.

iTunes U is beneficial for students because there are many programs that an English teacher such as myself can use.  The students are able to listen to other teachers about grammer or they can listen to classic literature and we as a class can discuss this.

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  1. Alvin Trusty says:

    Your picture is not at a 1:1 aspect ratio.

    Your picture is not licensed Creative Commons and you have not given attribution.

  2. Alvin Trusty says:

    You have the wrong tag on this post.

  3. Alvin Trusty says:

    The title of your post should be the name of the technology you wrote about.

  4. Alvin Trusty says:

    You don’t have a link to iTunes U.

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