The podcast that I decided to review is one entitled English 202: Major English Writers II composed by Dr. Rick Albright who is an associate professor of English  at Central Pennsylvania Community College Harrisburg Campus.

No new technologies were discussed, however I chose this podcast because it is one of many of a series of podcasts sponsored by the Harrisburg Campus which feature many podcasts pertaining to the level of education and subject matter which I plan to teach at a high school level, that being English and Literature.

One thing new that I learned is concerning the so-called Romantic Period which is dated from approximately 1780-1830.  This was a period which increased the emphasis on not only the mind of the artists, but also the role emotions as well as imagination had on literary works.  In fact I never heard of the Romantic Period, or if I had it was probably called  by a different title.

I plan to use this podcast as well as others from the Central Pennsylvania Community College Harrisburg Campus for my high school English classes.




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