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Reflective Post 2

The reason Cindy understood the book is because she had developed transitivity which is the ability to reason and logically combine relationships.  Cindy was able to determine the relationship between the pigs and the communist regime as they overthrew the Czars during the Russian Revoulution. Cindy was also able to reason and logically conclude that once the pigs moved into they home and began to walk upon two legs, they have become what they have fought for.  In fact I would take it a step further.  I have to conclude based upon Piagets studies, that Cindy is in the formal operational stage, taking it a step beyond transitvity, because at this stage, a person is able to think in a more abstract and logical way.  Piaget also suggests that Cindy has developed hypothetical-deductive reasoning, which means she can develop hypotheses and reach systematic conclusions.

Based on my conclusion, Lisa is still in the preoperational stage and at this time, Lisa has a limitation in her reasoning, and that limitation is egocentrism.  This means that Lisa does not have ability to distinguish between her perception vs someone else’s perception.  Lisa cannot see the relationship between the animals and how they relate to historical event.

The way Mr. Johnson can help Lisa I believe is to sit her down and have her make comparisons.  On the one hand, discuss the human Czars, the human communist regime, and human secret police, and have her compare the human examples from examples in the book. In other words a comparison and contrast chart to help her to see the relationships between the two.

What Mr. Johnson could have done to present the assignment differently was to actually compile of list of acceptable books for the project as opposed to stating books which has “something” to do with history.  This may have aided Lisa so that she did not have to rush to get the assignment done.

As I analyze Cindy she seems to fall on two stages both the concrete operational stage and the formal operational stage for reasons already given, but I will emphasize again.  Cindy as the ability to reason and to think logically, as well as think in a more abstract way.

I put Lisa in preoperational stage simply because of the egocentrism stage and her inability to distinguish her own perspective vs someone else’s perspective.


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Deshon Bradley/English Language Arts





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Free Techonology

My last post discussed a useful technology know as podcasting, this week I will further discuss more technology which is not only useful for students, but also free for students.  The free technology that any student can access is from Apple and it is known as iTunes U.

This technology allows students free access to over 350,000 lectures and other features from all over the world.  The only drawback is you need to have a iTunes U compatible device such as an iPod, iPad, or iPhone.  Although a person will need an external device, the application is free, and since most high school students have an iPod, then it can be said that this technology is free.

iTunes U is beneficial for students because there are many programs that an English teacher such as myself can use.  The students are able to listen to other teachers about grammer or they can listen to classic literature and we as a class can discuss this.

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Educational Podcasting

ENGL 101: English Composition  

The podcast that I chose to listen to is one that fits in well fot those of us who wishes to teach English in high school.  The podcast is entitled English composition and the professor, named Nicole Bailey, is the author of the podcast. Although this podcast is designed for college students, I feel that this information will benefit high school students as well, since as teachers our job is to prepare students for life beyond high school, be it college or the work force.  The particular podcast that I have chosed is one about taking notes from lectures.  She brings out some good information, for instance she warns about trying to write down everything which defeats the purpose of taking notes.  An important lesson she brings out that students can use in order to learn what to write down during lectures is to look at the syllabus before class, and the description for that day would tell you which points to write down.  Another point is to try to determine what will be on a test or what is important for an essay, for instance if a student has a test on grammer, then the notes that a student should focus on would be just those rules concerning grammer.  The instructor inadvertly give clues at times what should be written down, for instance if a teacher repeats a topic multiple times this indicates something important and should be written down.  Other times things should be written down would be if the teacher writes something on the board or in a power point presentation, this shoule be written down.  Finally, if the teacher gives the definition to a term, and ask the class the meaning of the term, this too should be written down.  There are a number of other points within this podcast that gives basic reminders on how to take notes, which is important because too often all of us forget the visual and audio clues as to what is important vs what is not important. 

Nicole Bailey is a professor at Central Pennsylvania Community College and what was new to me is something that I have never done in all my years of college and that is actually using my syllabus as a clue to what I should be focusing on when I attend my classes.  I found this podcast on itunes u which can be found by going to Apples website, but I have also enclose a link which is as follows:

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RSS Reader Benefits Teachers

The rss reader that I have chosen to use is Google Reader.  I chose this one because I had already subscribed to many of Google’s features such as blogspot, and set up a Google home page account. 

I belive that the rss reader will benefit me as a teacher because I was able to subscribe to many English sites, such as Creative Writing, and many educational news sites such as NYT-Education.  The rss reader, should allow me to keep up with the latest educational technology or even perhaps new legislation concerning the education of USA schools.  Also, by adding the news sites to my reader, it is probably reasonable to anticipate receiving news about educators in foreign countries which I may be able to utilize in my own classroom setting.  Certainly, using a rss reader, saves time from just a basic search on the internet, because, with this technology I am able to  organize my English sites, my news sites, and my technology sites all in one location which will make life a little bit more organized.

The five blogs I subscribed to are as follows: 

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Podcasting, A Way To Expand Language Arts

To discover new technologies for English teachers has proven more difficult than I feel it would be for other teachers.  Most of the effective teaching methods which some English teacher have utilized in the past were primarily social networking sites such as listserv which enabled USA students to correspond with students from Russia as they read the same piece of literature.  What made this piece of technology unique is that the students from both countries read that book at the same time and rate thereby fusing their discussions in unison, as they discussed symbolism and the meaning of the story.

With that story in mind, I thought of another technology which may expand literature, grammer, and all aspects of language arts to students not only in my class here in Ohio, but even in cities or countries in different timezones.  The technology that is able to do this is know as podcasting, and the podcasting that I have chosen to utilize is Apple podcasting.

Apple provides three ways which I can teach my students. 1, I can use a video podcasting which means I can use the built in camera on the Mac computer to record my video, or I can import a digital still or video camera.  2, I can use audio podcasting which means I can add sound effects to my lecture. As an example, if  I am reading an important piece of Shakesphere and at a dramatic point, i can add the sounds of swords clashing or dramatic music at that point in order to help my student visualize the difficult words of Shakesphere.  3, I can use a feature called enhanced podcasting, which means I can enahnce my powerpoint presentation by adding photos at key points all in a way to enhance my students learning.

Although podcasting is a nonstream method of educating, I will also stream live at the same time I am podcasting because I feel that podcasting is the best way to teach Shakesphere.  By podcasting, my students will be able to download my lectures to their ipods because Apple provides a service called iTunes U.  I will also be able to download my podcast to my wiki, or blog so my students can enhance their learning.

All in all I feel that podcasting is a way to expand Language Arts to all students whether here or worldwide.  I will include examples of the Apple podcast.

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